Britain is going to the polls. Rather than waiting out the current term, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has decided to call a general election early on 4 July. This despite the fact that Sunak's Conservative Party is well behind Keir Starmer's opposition Labour Party in opinion polling. What brought us to the point where Labour looks set to achieve a healthy victory after its worst defeat since the Second World War at the last election? What does this year's election signify for the United Kingdom? How would it reshape the social and economic landscape? What tactics have the parties used to deliver their respective messages? What are their policies? What consequences and implications would the election have for Australia?

Don't miss your chance to hear from and pose questions to our panel of experts coming to you both in-person in Canberra and live from the UK.








Latika BourkeProfessor Jennifer Lees-MarshmentDr Patrick Leslie


  • Latika Bourke (Writer-at-large at The Nightly)

    Latika Bourke

    Writer-at-large at The Nightly

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  • Professor Jennifer Lees-Marshment (Professor of Political Marketing and Management at The University of Dundee)

    Professor Jennifer Lees-Marshment

    Professor of Political Marketing and Management at The University of Dundee

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  • Dr Patrick Leslie (Research Fellow at The Australian National University)

    Dr Patrick Leslie

    Research Fellow at The Australian National University

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